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My Story


Well hello there. I'm Michelle and if I'm not off on an adventure you'll find me in my studio in the middle of sunny, beautiful Tucson, Arizona with my faithful assistant  Lyric the wonder dog.

 A passion for unique and beautiful materials along with my love for all things modernist fuels my imagination when creating my designs. I personally hand pick each stone for its quality and distinctiveness so that your piece is truly one of a kind. I then meticulously hand fabricate each design to ensure my jewelry is built to be beautiful, durable, and comfortable to wear. Whenever possible, I use recycled sterling silver and high karat gold as well as ethically sourced stones. I also try to support other small businesses by buying my materials directly from the people who mine and cut the materials I incorporate into my designs.

In my twenty plus years of being a maker, I've learned from many highly respected metalsmiths and artists and I continue to explore new techniques to incorporate into my jewelry. I've also had the honor of having my work worn by an astronaut as he commanded one of the final space shuttle missions to the international space station. Pretty cool, huh?